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A Review of 'Love and Other Wild Things' by Ellie Darling

"Love and Other Wild Things" by Ellie Darling is a captivating and heartfelt novel that delves into the complexities of love and relationships. The story follows the main character, Lila, as she navigates through different romantic entanglements and attempts to understand her own feelings and desires. One of the strengths of the novel is its relatable and realistic portrayal of love and relationships. Darling does an excellent job of capturing the nuances and complexities of human emotions, and readers will find themselves nodding along in agreement as Lila struggles with the same types of doubts and insecurities that they may have experienced themselves. The book also does a great job of exploring the concept of self-discovery and personal growth. Lila's journey of understanding herself and her needs is both inspiring and relatable, and readers will find themselves rooting for her as she navigates through the ups and downs of her relationships. Another great aspect of the book is the diverse and well-developed cast of characters. Each character is unique and adds their own flavor to the story, and their interactions with Lila feel authentic and genuine. One critique of the book is that at times, the plot can feel slow-moving. However, this is a minor issue and is outweighed by the book's overall strong writing and well-crafted characters. Overall, "Love and Other Wild Things" by Ellie Darling is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read that explores the complexities of love and relationships in a relatable and realistic way. It's a great pick for fans of contemporary fiction and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the human heart.


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